To secure the health and safety of all of our families, the following policies will be in place at the gym until further notice


  1. Hand sanitizer will be readily available for all kids at all times.  Coaches will have a hand sanitizer bottle available to give to the kids at any time. Soap will be available at all bathrooms at all times.  Kids will be encouraged to wash hands before and after practice.

  2. Lysol will be readily available and sprayed between classes on all the mats and areas. 

  3. In accordance with the state-wide mandate, all persons over the age of 5yrs will be required to wear a mask inside the building.  We encourage children 2yrs and up to wear a mask while in the building.  Because gymnastics is a highly physical activity, we are not requiring the gymnasts to wear masks while exercising in practice. If parents wish their gymnasts to wear masks, they will be allowed. 

  4. Coaches and Staff will be wearing masks at all times. 

  5. Kids are required to be escorted at least to the front door of the gym.  They may not be dropped off and allowed to walk in the parking lot unaccompanied. A coach will be stationed at the door to receive the kids if the parents choose not to stay to watch. 

  6. We encourage parents to stay in the parking lot after drop off and not wait in the small waiting rooms.  Preschool parents must stay in the viewing area to be available if their child needs. 

  7.  If parents want to stay to watch gymnasts, we encourage only two parents per child 

  8. Beyond two parents per child in the waiting room, we discourage family members who are not participating in classes to wait in the viewing area.

  9. Suspension of water fountain.

  10. Bring a water bottle if you want.  The water bottles will be stored in their cubbies with their shoes.

  11. Coaches will attempt to spread out the kids as much as possible throughout practice.

  12. Most class sizes will be reduced to 5 students to aid in social distancing.  


If a gymnast or a member of the gymnast' family has tested positive for COVID-19:

1. Please inform the gym of this occurrence 

2. The child will be asked to stay home from gym for a minimum of 10 calendar days 

3. For the 10 calendar days missed, we will do our best to make-up class determined by the restrictions on numbers and availability of spots.  Make-ups can not be guaranteed, however, we will do everything we can to make-up for those missed classes even if we have to wait until this is all over.  Tuition is non-refundable

4. We will inform the child's gymnastics class that a member of their class or a member of their family has tested positive for COVID-19.  

5. If a parent decides to keep their kids home for 10 calendar days after being informed of a case in their gymnastics class, the same make-up policy will apply.  

6. If a coach tests positive for COVID-19, we will inform the parents and we will attempt to continue the class with a substitute coach.  The same make-up class policy will apply.

7.  If a gymnast's school class has a positive case and they must stay at home from school for a period of time, as long as the gymnast is not showing any symptoms or tests positive, they can continue coming to gymnastics.

8.  If a gymnast shows any symptoms of any illness, we ask them to stay home from the gym until they are symptom free without medication for at least 24 hours and the same make-up policy applies.