To secure the health and safety of all of our families, the following policies will be in place at the gym until further notice

1. Cubbies moved to each warm-up section for shoes. This will ensure kids do not congregate around the cubbies.

2. Hand sanitizer will be readily available for all kids at all times.  Coaches will have a hand sanitizer bottle available to give to the kids at any time. Soap will be available at all bathrooms at all times.  Kids will be encouraged to wash hands before and after practice. 

3. Coaches will be wiping down equipment and surfaces between each class.

4. Children are not allowed to attend practice if they or members of their household are sick.

5. We encourage masks for all Adults or persons not participating in class who enter our doors.  Because gymnastics is a highly physical activity, we are not requiring the gymnasts to wear masks while exercising in practice. If parents wish their gymnasts to wear masks, they will be allowed. 

6. Coaches and Staff will be wearing masks at all times. 

7. Kids are required to be escorted at least to the front door of the gym.  They may not be dropped off and allowed to walk in the parking lot unaccompanied. A coach will be stationed at the door to receive the kids if the parents choose not to stay to watch. 

9. We encourage parents to stay in the parking lot after drop off and not wait in the small waiting rooms.  If parents stay in the viewing area to watch, we highly encourage masks and to maintain social distancing of at least 6ft. from other people. Preschool parents must stay in the viewing area.

10. If parents want to stay to watch gymnasts, we can only allow one parent in the viewing area per child.  
11. Beyond one parent per child in the waiting room, we can not allow family members who are not participating in classes to wait in the viewing area.

12. We will remove toy box and book box.

13. We will attempt to distance kids as much as is feasible in our practices.

14. No "high fives" or unnecessary touching. 

15. Only spot when absolutely necessary.

16. Suspend use of stickers.

17. Continue suspension of water fountain.  

18. Bring a water bottle if you want.  The water bottles will be stored in their cubbies with their shoes.

19. We will begin classes at :05 and end classes at :50.  This will give us 15 minutes between classes so there is no "bottle neck" in the viewing area.  

20. When entering the gym, kids will enter our normal entrance.  When leaving at the end of practice, the kids will go out the side door.  We will cone-off the parking spot right next to the side door and station a coach to coordinate pick up.  Parents please park and come to the side door for exiting and pick-up and walk with the kids to your car.  

21. Each group of recreation classes will warm-up with their individual coach in a separate area from each other instead of warming up all together.  

22. We will zone off areas of the gym with colored tape and tell the kids to stay in that area until told to transition to the next area. 

23. Bathroom: Tumble track and beam and “that side of the gym” goes to the back bathroom.  Floor, bars, preschool, goes to “front bathroom.”


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