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About "SoLittles" Preschool Gymnastics

The "SoLittles" Preschool Gymnastics program designed to promote physical, social and cognitive development in children "walking" to 4 years old.


Our Adult and Tot Classes(SoChill: Gymnastics Yoga)  are for children ages "walking" to 3 years with a parent, family member, or adult assisting them. The focus is on gross motor skills (hopping, jumping, running and skipping), basic gymnastics skills like forward rolls, coordination and balance. Also, we incorporate "Gymnastics Yoga," a program specially designed to introduce the SoLittles to their body and how it moves. Each month has a theme and specific exercises and poses that compliment the theme. 


Once our Littles turn 3 they have an option to take the class alone or one more year with an adult.  Our SoLittles who are ready can enjoy our 3-4yrs class on their own!  This class continues what they have learned in their Adult and Tot class and takes them to the next level!  We then hope to send them on up to our Hotshots Class or the Recreational Gymnastics Program. 

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