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Girls Recreational Gymnastics

Gymnastics classes are typically structured to cater to individuals of different skill levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. Below are descriptions of each level of gymnastics class:

1. **Beginner Gymnastics Class:**
   - **Age Group:** Typically ages 5yrs-8yrs
   - **Skill Level:** Suitable for individuals with little to no prior gymnastics experience.
   - **Focus:** Fundamental movements, basic skills, and safety.
   - **Content:**
     - Warm-up exercises and stretching.
     - Introduction to basic gymnastics positions and terminology.
     - Learning basic body positions (tuck, pike, straddle, etc.).
     - Development of balance, coordination, and flexibility.
     - Introduction to basic gymnastics apparatus such as the floor, balance beam, uneven bars, and vault.
   - **Goals:** To build a solid foundation in gymnastics, improve strength, flexibility, and body awareness, and prepare students for more advanced skills.

2. **Intermediate Gymnastics Class:**
   - **Age Group:** Typically ages 8-10yrs with some prior gymnastics experience.
   - **Skill Level:** Participants should have a good understanding of basic gymnastics movements and terminology.
   - **Focus:** Building upon the basics and developing more advanced skills.
   - **Content:**
     - Progressive training of fundamental skills on various apparatus.
     - Introduction to more complex routines and combinations.
     - Conditioning exercises to improve strength, endurance, and agility.
     - Skill refinement and increased emphasis on technique.
     - Introduction to more advanced skills more challenging apparatus work.
   - **Goals:** To refine and expand gymnastics skills, improve overall fitness, and prepare participants for advanced gymnastics or competitive gymnastics programs.

3. **Advanced Gymnastics Class:**
   - **Age Group:** Typically for individuals who have already mastered intermediate-level gymnastics skills.
   - **Skill Level:** Participants should have a strong foundation in gymnastics and may be pursuing competitive gymnastics or advanced recreational training.
   - **Focus:** Mastery of advanced skills, competition preparation, and routine development.
   - **Content:**
     - In-depth training of advanced skills on all apparatus.
     - Focus on perfecting technique and execution.
     - Development of complex routines for competitions or advanced demonstrations.
     - Intensive strength and conditioning programs.
     - Introduction to high-level skills 
   - **Goals:** To prepare gymnasts for competitive events or advanced showcases, with an emphasis on mastering difficult skills, maintaining peak physical condition, and excelling in competition.

Keep in mind that the specific curriculum and requirements for each level may vary depending on the gymnastics facility, coach, and the age and goals of the participants. It's essential for individuals to choose a class level that matches their current skill and fitness level while challenging them to progress further in the sport.

Gymnastic Rehearsal

Our tumbling class focuses primarily on the development of acrobatic and floor-based gymnastics skills, such as flips, somersaults, and handsprings. These classes are often popular among aspiring gymnasts, cheerleaders, dancers, and individuals who simply want to learn and perfect tumbling skills. Here's a description of a typical tumbling class:

**Tumbling Class Descriptio

- **Age Group:**
Tumbling classes are available for ages 5yrs and up, boys and girls. 

- **Skill Level:** Our tumbling classes can accommodate a broad range of skill levels, from beginners with no prior experience to advanced tumblers looking to refine their techniques.

- **Focus:** Developing and perfecting acrobatic and tumbling skills on the floor.

- **Content:**
  - **Warm-Up:** Classes typically begin with a thorough warm-up, including stretching and conditioning exercises to improve flexibility, strength, and overall fitness.

  - **Fundamental Skills:** Beginners will start with basic tumbling skills, such as forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands. These fundamental skills form the basis for more advanced moves.

  - **Progression:** As participants become more proficient in the basics, they will progress to more challenging skills, including back handsprings, front flips, aerials, round-offs, and tucks.

  - **Technique and Form:** Emphasis is placed on proper technique, form, and execution to ensure safety and mastery of each skill.

  - **Combinations and Sequences:** Advanced students may learn to combine individual skills into sequences and routines, increasing the complexity of their tumbling.

- **Goals:** The goals of our tumbling class are to:
  - Develop and enhance acrobatic and tumbling skills.
  - Improve strength, flexibility, and coordination.
  - Promote safe and controlled execution of skills.
  - Build confidence and self-assurance in performing acrobatic movements.


"SoLittles" Gymnastics

The "SoLittles" Preschool Gymnastics program designed to promote physical, social and cognitive development in children "walking" to 4 years old.

Our Adult and Tot Classes are for children ages "walking" to 3 years with a parent, family member, or adult assisting them. The focus is on gross motor skills (hopping, jumping, running and skipping), basic gymnastics skills like forward rolls, coordination and balance. Also, we incorporate "Gymnastics Yoga," a program specially designed to introduce the SoLittles to their body and how it moves. Each month has a theme and specific exercises and poses that compliment the theme. 

Once our Littles turn 3 they have an option to take the class alone or one more year with an adult.  Our SoLittles who are ready can enjoy our 3-4yrs class on their own!  This class continues what they have learned in their Adult and Tot class and takes them to the next level!  We then hope to send them on up to our Hotshots Class or the Recreational Gymnastics Program. 



Our Ninja Monkey Program is designed for ages 3 and up! Both boys and girls! Roll, Swing, and Flip! Swing like a Monkey. Flip like a Ninja. 

This class is a combination of gymnastics, athleticism, and parkour. 

Gymnastics: Students in this class will learn classical gymnastics skills on the floor, trampoline, and bars. 

Athleticism: Students in this class will train agility drills, flexibility, strength, balance, endurance, power, and balance. 

Parkour: Students in this class will experience and train obstacle courses.  Focusing on safe jumping and landing.  


MINI NINJAS (3-4 years) Perfect for PRESCHOOLERS! The class curriculum is geared to childhood development, using positive reinforcement for kids who are LEARNING how to LEARN. We use colorful Animal badges to encourage growth in areas like CARING and THINKING. Of course, we still want them to be little monkeys! They will swing and roll and balance, train locomotor skills and practice coordination. Then, at the end, it's time for THE GAME!


NINJA MONKEYS (5+ years) Our entry level Ninja classes focuses on all the basics of movement through space. We break our skills curriculum into four disciplines that every kid LOVES to LEARN. They'll roll, run, flip and swing through the gym. Throw in weekly strength challenges, skills of the week, and THE GAME and you have a class that's sure to please any little monkey that wants to be a NINJA!


MIGHTY NINJAS (level 2) The "Next Level" of ninja. While Ninja Monkey classes focus on the fundamentals and safely moving through space, Mighty Ninja class starts to challenge kids with more complicated free-running skills, real acrobatics, rolling over obstacles and grip strength swings on bars, ropes, and obstacle courses. 


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