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Adult Fitnastics

Go Beyond the Normal Gym

  The adult “Fitnastics” class that incorporates balance, flexibility, stretching and strength.  It is the perfect workout that uses every muscle in your body. Fun, rigorous and challenging for any adult that wants to experience an exciting NEW way to exercise. Your body will feel great and your friends will be impressed. Everybody is welcome! Stretching, jumping, running, and tumbling are all part of an overall physical agenda that can reduce the risk of many diseases. Our lessons are conducted by safety-certified instructors is an excellent opportunity to avoid the “standard gym” and get in shape in a comfortable environment. 

Why are we different?

While standard gyms offer weight lifting and/or cardio classes, the gymnastics body is built on the ability to manipulate your own body weight.  Believe it or not, the gymnasts you see on TV and in the Olympics do very little work with weight lifting.  They achieve their strength simply by doing bodyweight exercises.  This tends to tone the muscles and insures that the body is working properly to support itself.  The class will use all of the Olympic style apparatus to perform bodyweight exercises meant to build muscle, endurance, and a healthy weight.  As you demand that your body lift itself, it will naturally build a muscle mass to body weight ratio.  If your body estimates it is too heavy for the existing muscles to lift, your body will build more muscles while losing weight to accommodate the new demands.  The class will also focus on developing range of motion flexibility that is often lost as time goes on and the body enters the “adult phase.”  Both strength and flexibility help to prevent the common ailments of “getting older” like joint pain, muscle aches, and general loss of mobility.

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Gymnastics Tumbling for Adults

The classes will focus on the strength, agility, flexibility, and skill to achieve gymnastics tumbling tricks.  We will build your body strength to meet the demands of tumbling and then we will introduce you to the world of tumbling.  You will learn tumbling on our Olympic size floor exercise and our 30 foot tumble trampoline.  This class will also give you the opportunity to try out the Olympic style events we have in the gym.  We will do basic gymnastics on each event all focused on fitness, strength, and flexibility. 

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