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Monthly Plan Policies

  1. Preschool Class(ages 3-4): $90/month 

  2. Preschool Class(ages "Walking"-2): $85/month

  3. One hour classes(55 min classes): $100/month 

  4.  2 hour classes(Advanced and Pre-Team): $135/month

  5. Adult Gymnastics $75/month

Annual Registration Fee

For all of our non-competitive classes, there is a "School Year" registration fee of $70 that will be due at time of registration.  This "School Year" is for registration between August 1 and May 31.  For the "Summer Session" there is a registration fee of $45.  "Summer Session" is June 1-July 31. If you are a member for the school year you will be assessed the Summer Session Registration Fee as well if you decide to stay members during the Summer Session. This registration fee is non-refundable for any reason. In the event a child drops during a session and returns, the appropriate registration fee will apply again. 

Late Fee Policy  

After the 10th of each month, a $25 late fee will be assessed to the members account for each child. After the 10th of the month if an account has a balance the child can not attend class until tuition is paid. Each transaction will include a 3.9% + $.30 transaction fee billed to the customer. If payment is not remitted by the end of the month the child will be dropped from the class. The outstanding balance will remain on the account until paid. 


Drop Policy 

Written email notice is required to drop a class. No other forms of communication will qualify as a notice to drop. 

This drop notice must occur 30 days in advance of dropping. The drop from the class will take effect 30 days after the notification. 

Tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE and may not be pro-rated once pulled on the 1st of each month. 



Open Registration Policy 

Based on availability, a gymnast can start at any point in the month. 

Tuition will be prorated based on what week of the month the gymnast will start. 

Prorate will be based on a 4 week month.  


Every account is required to have a card on file. Tuition will be pulled automatically on the 1st of the month

unless it is paid by cash or check to the Office Manager before the 1st of the month. Team accounts will require a card on file but will not be in the auto draft program.

Sibling Discounts 

Sibling discounts are offered for immediate family members. 

The second student will receive a 10% discount,

the third student a 20% discount,

and any additional students will receive a discount of 30% on their first class.


Multi Class Discounts 

For each additional class, you will get a $10 discount. 

Example: Class 1: $85, Class 2: $75, Class 3: $65

Missed Classes/Make-up Policy

There will be no reduction in tuition or refunds for missed classes because of gymnast initiated absences. However, make-up classes will be attempted if possible upon request however make-ups are not guaranteed.  


Missed classes because of gym initiated closures like emergencies, weather, or other non-holiday events will have make-ups.  


Make-up classes will not be available for holiday related gym closures.



1. We always want to have an open communication with our customers. You can reach us by phone at 337-422-7077. Please leave us a detailed message if we are not available, email us, or message us on Facebook.



1. In the event that the gym must be closed due to inclement weather, we will email, text, and post on facebook about the details of the closure.


2. If your child is already at practice and weather causes us to end practice early, we will contact you via text and/or phone call to pick up your child.  Please be sure to have a current phone number in our system. 




1. When do you take enrollments?

We are always taking enrollments. 

2. Do you have makeup classes?

Yes, you can makeup a class that you have missed.  In order to arrange a make-up class, please email us at You need to have missed a class during your regularly schedule classes to make-up the class.  


4. What does my child need to wear to class?

For girls: One piece leotards. We do not allow two piece leotards for the safety of the gymnasts.   For boys: t shirt and shorts. We have cubbies in the gym for their shoes.  We have leotards for sale in the Pro-Shop in the office. 


5. Do you have FREE trial classes?

Yes,  you can try out a class before you register. Email us at,, and let us know you would like to come try out a class. 


6. I'm not sure what class to enroll my child in, how do I know which one to choose?

The best way to find out what class to enroll your child in is to have him/her evaluated by a coach. That will help us determine what class to enroll her/him in. Email us or call us 337-422-7077.


7. Do you have classes over the Holidays? 

Our recreational and tumbling classes are not in session during holidays.  We follow Lafayette Parish School System Holiday Schedule.  

8. What is Parent Watch Week?

Parent Watch Week is where we invite parent's to come watch their child(ren) show off their new skills that they learned toward the end of each session.

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